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Lost Keys in Lounge Strange

by Jeremiah Craig

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Matt Marn
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Matt Marn I LOVE his storytelling, and this is a collection of fun, interesting stories from different patrons in Lounge Strange. A great chance to spin those fun tales! Keep up the great work! Favorite track: The Ghost Ghosts Fear the Most.
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Lost Keys 01:02
Losing your keys can be quite lamentable But lucky for you, this place is quite respectable Order a drink, no need to call the constable I’m sure they’ll turn up, I mean, nothing is impossible So visit with my patrons, perhaps the keys are in their possession And if they should come back to me, I’ll hold them in my stetson But until then, please enjoy my concessions Along with my patrons’ tales, yarns and lessons HAHAHAHAHA
Take the truck down there in the heat of the day You’ll find nobody has a question to ask The house is board up and the lines are down The roads are just mowed down grass Only one reason why you make the trip That’s the makes the best ‘shine But there’s a wretched, winged, evil local And he’s only got blood on his mind When it comes time to pick your company You best not pick your friends And you best not go alone Or you’ll be sure to find an end You must keep your head and stay with your blood Yes the only way to stay alive Is to stay with the ones you love Don’t you waste no time, dip that bucket down Fill it til it overflows Stay close to eachother with your eyes on the trees Make sure no one is left alone Walking up through the greenery You might find some one not as lucky as you Caught in the shadow of the wretched local With no love ones to accompany him through
I show up at your window with a slight sepia tone To give you the whetstone moan on your night alone A ring can stop a leak but it won’t plug a hole And it can’t chain away partners of the soul I come around round round since the moon shown off your gown I come around round round since the moon shown off your gown Don’t you mind the shine That comes from my grind I take you down to the river with a bottle of wine At the end of the night I’ll make sure that you’re mine In the end you will be mine I take you down to the dark coll river to be red by light A big low moon throws shadows from the great willows height And I was the one that should’ve stood beside you while you were donned in white So I’ll give the whetstone moan by the end of the night I come around round round since the moon shown off your gown I come around round round since the moon shown off your gown Don’t you mind the shine That comes from my grind I take you down to the river with a bottle of wine At the end of the night I’ll make sure that you’re mine In the end you will be mine The red dawn come and shine upon me alone As I take a seat upon the cobble stones The fuzz come around and ask me where she’d gone As they notice my bloody blade and soaked through clothes I said I come around round round since the moon shown off her gown I come around round round since the moon shown off her gown Don’t you mind the shine That comes from my grind I took her down to the river with a bottle of wine At the end of the night I’ll made sure she was mine In the end she was mine
Avery was a smart young lad when he came to Alba Mons Quickly setting up a new life and exploring the grounds Among all the beauty, he found he was deceived There was a mean old giant who controlled society The giant put him to work at the rope store in town For the previous owner had been hung for speaking out Avery took to ropemaking and had not one complaint For he had a plan for freedom from this awful state Whoa, Whoa he’d never known such a tyrant whoa whoa avery and the giant Avery found that making rope was quite a cinch But when people came by the store, he never sold an inch Saying he was sold out or still learning the trade With him still being new they all bought the charade Working both day and night for about a month He looked at all his bundles and knew he had enough When the giant was napping all he did was tie him down And if you visit there today there’s big bleached bones still all around
All I hear All I hear All I hear is it breathing and two sparrows in the bush I can hear it as it summons me and I can’t help but take a look Something in me tries to hold me back so I have to give myself a push But I find myself alone after giving into the rush All I smell All I smell All I smell are the leaves and the foul scent of death My nose nerves tingle like from an onion freshly undressed It must be the fog that conceals the pest For I become more delirious and dizzy with every breath All I feel All I feel All I feel is the numbness as it begins to settle in I feel the pain of distant drums as I fall upon my chin And there is no warmth of blood escaping its streams within But there is a cold hand to turn me over to make certain that I’ve lived All I see All I see All I see is a blue orb hovering and a silhouetted face The light is nearly blinding so no features can I trace Next thing I remember is returning to my place Everyone was worried waiting because I’d been gone... for days
I lost my fear when I lost connection Beneath the edge of a knife I started my adventure With the act of levitation But they brought me back to the building’s lights It was more than a dream It was an open chest revelation And now I know there’s more than what there seems To what we call a life I did not feel like I knew my own reflection When I glance at my shell as I passed There was no thought of a correct direction No limitations attached It was just a gleam An open chest revelation Showing me what it really means To be breathing and alive Now I’ve lost my faith in the popular translation Of life and it’s so called “facts” So if this should come again, I want there to be no questions Do not bring me back I’ve known nothing so serene As my open chest revelation I know what it really means To be alive
Whenever you visit, you bring monsters I find them around after you leave Thanks to our bloodlines, our shadows don’t agree This is how they show us they still grieve The first time you left the chupacabra He made art out of my hens I found a tuft of hair to give you on your return Now I know he’ll come back but I don’t know when Next time I found a Yeti in the garden Sleeping in my daffodils I jabbed him awake and said he couldn’t rest for free Handed him a hoe and told him to till Once a troll tried to kill me Took me by the neck and started to squeeze But my shadow would not permit it and told the troll to quit it Our suffering puts them at ease And so I’ll ask you not to come back When our eyes meet it makes our shadows green For one day they’ll end us both for they’re fickle and they’re bored And how I long for the serene
When finally I came to, I was far from the wreck at the grove I was at the crematorium with the man running the stove I reached out to grab the man who’s work kept him so trim But when my hand met his shoulder I just passed through him Then I noticed the guest list as I began to turn And the ring in the dust where they had placed the urn It had finally happened yes I had finally met my end Doomed to roam the earth until time started up again I made my home to give one last goodbye But I heard a cry of terror at the old Stanley place as I was walking by Now they say that place is haunted and they say it kinda soft Careful so the spirits don’t move from loft to loft Seeing as I could go unnoticed, I thought I’d check in Since those Stanley folks had been as close as kin When I walked in I couldn’t believe what I saw Two specters had Mrs. Stanley frightened and huddled ‘gainst the wall They were the spirits of two thieves, who had died in jail And buried in the cemetery when winter’s air got stale They looked at me in amazement when I told them to get lost Or they would be sorry our paths had ever crossed They both laughed loud and said “Ghosts can’t do each other harm” And to prove it one walked up and stuck his hand through my arm It was then I threw a punch to double check his test And my fist had landed hard on his face as if it was still flesh Then the other attacked but it was all in vain And soon they were scared off from the beating I had laid Then I started to wonder why I was so differently made And realized they were buried and I released by the flame There must be something special about a fire after death Instead of wasting good space for an eternity's rest So if you’re some lowly dirt muncher haunting those who can’t defend Know that I’m the ghost ghost’s fear the most and you best not test the trend
And so it looks like I had your keys the whole time I guess that it means this is the end If you’re ever in this part of town I hope you visit Lounge Strange again


Home Tapes Vol. 2 comes at you in the form of tall tales from the likes of strange people. This collection of home recordings centers around the idea of a person losing their keys in a bar filled with people who have had untraditional experiences and beliefs. As the person asks people in the bar if they've seen his keys, instead of an answer he gets a strange story. Each song on this second volume of the Home Tapes series is a story told by a patron at the bar.

Lost Keys in Lounge Strange also focuses on the banjo. All of these songs were written and recorded with the banjo and there is not one lick of guitar at all. Jake Boucher joins me on many recordings on the bass and percussion.

I hope you enjoy this free download and if you really like it, consider throwing a tip my way!

Find more at jeremiahcraig.com


released July 16, 2015

All songs written by Jeremiah Craig. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Jeremiah Craig: Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica, Percussion
Jake Boucher: Bass and Percussion


all rights reserved



Jeremiah Craig Boston, Massachusetts

I write stories with my songs and focus on traditional folk ballads as a foundation for my music. I’m a balladeer! If you like stories in the music you listen to, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

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